Friday, June 28, 2013

"Fiji...where happiness finds you"

Bula, it's been busy in Fiji, so we thought we'd share the news!
Fiji Airways
On 27 June 2013, Air Pacific returned to its original 1958 name of Fiji Airways. The switch-over marks an important milestone in the airline’s turnaround. The new A330 aircraft feature state of the art facilities and exciting changes to the customer experience; a fresh new look and one that our Bite-Back at Cancer raffle winners 2012 will soon experience for themselves!
“Congratulations Air Pacific, we are all excited to see the brand new A330 and the increased frequency by the end of the year.” Jane West, Tourism Fiji
Bula Bula Quo
In other news, the veteran rock band Status Quo made an action music film in Fiji last year. The film premieres in Leicester Square on Monday 1st July and will go nationwide to the 161 cinemas by 5th July. The film is not a serious piece of acting, it’s light hearted and humorous, but is accompanied by 9 new tracks written in Fiji by Status Quo. The lead track “Bula Bula Quo” is currently in the album charts. The film is called “Bula Quo”.

The cinematography in Fiji is fantastic! The director is Stuart St. Paul, who has worked on a few James Bond movies. If you are interested in Fiji, you will love it!

Tourism Fiji
Want to learn more about Fiji? In line with the new branding “Fiji…where happiness finds you”. Tourism Fiji  have recently launched their new look website. Find out more.

Dive Worldwide
We have been arranging tailor-made holidays to Fiji for a long time now. It’s one of our favourite destinations and there’s plenty to see, especially underwater. Known for its soft corals, mantas, sharks and topside adventure you can combine resorts on different islands as well as spending time on a liveaboard. We feature plenty of suggested itineraries, but remember, it’s your holiday and we’re here to help create your adventure.

Contact the Dive Worldwide Dream Team
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Check back later in the year to see our our competition winners enjoyed their diving adventure!



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maldives: NEW Liveaboard - Scubaspa Ying

This brand new luxurious modern cruiser has been purpose built in the Maldives, a first of its kind. The modern materials used to build and create a spacious, intimate product as well as advanced marine engineering ensure an excellent sea going performance and comfort on board this 50 metre boat.

Scubaspa Ying departs Malé each Saturday. Alternating a north and south route, she cruises the central region which includes north and south Malé, Ari, Rasdhoo and Baa atolls. Built to offer the discerning traveller a chance to indulge specific experiences, this unique concept offers a week of amazing diving or relaxing spa treatments on board. It’s something many of you have been crying out for!

Scubaspa Yin, Maldives, Dive Worldwide, Luxury Liveaboard

There are four decks featuring 21 individually styled cabins and suites and facilities akin to that of an island resort than a boat. These include spa treatment rooms, a lounge room, restaurant, bar, bathing areas and a Jacuzzi. All cabins feature air-conditioning and an en-suite shower room as well as modern, luxurious amenities. Double/triple bed cabins are found on the lower deck, whilst double/twin suites are located on the main deck offering panoramic vistas from their three metre wide windows.
Diving is operated from the accompanying 19 metre purpose built dhoni, fully equipped to provide divers with their own personal space and plenty of comfort. Dive packages include 12 dives (two per day) and are lead by one of four experienced dive crew.

The programme will be decided each week depending on the local conditions, but expect to be amazed at the prolific marine life that abounds in the Maldives from colourful reef fish to awe inspiring whale sharks.

The spa is spread over two decks and six treatment rooms. The private Thai massage area is also used for meditation and yoga. A carefully selected team of six professionals are on hand to look after your every need offering massages, aqua therapies, Ayurveda and beauty treatments based on Asian and Western traditions; all carefully selected with a holistic philosophy in mind. Other treatments are available and paid for on board.

For those who like to share (or can’t make up their mind) it’s possible to share a spa and a scuba package between a couple and also to try one or the other during your week. Local charges may apply and spa treatments are subject to availability.

Each week there will be an opportunity to visit Malé and local islands, go snorkelling or sunset fishing and enjoy time on a deserted tropical island.

"Exclusively designed around your total well-being, Scubaspa combines scuba diving on board a luxury safari vessel, immersing you in one of the most beautiful and inspiring oceans in the world, at the same time offering a comprehensive range of the finest treatments in a luxury spa. Every experience, delivered by a team of professionals, is created to give you deep relaxation, tranquility and joy."


Cost per person from £1,425 (boat only)


LAUNCH OFFER – SAVE £300 on all trips in June & July 2013.

Offer is on boat only. Last departure from Malé is 27 July 2013.
Based on Sea Star cabin, full board meal plan and up to 12 dives or spa treatments per week.
Dive Worldwide can arrange your international flights, ask us for further details.

Book now - contact the Dream Team call 0845 130 6980 or email us.

Plenty more in the Maldives
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of liveaboards and resorts in the Maldives. If this isn't quite you, it's likely you'll find something suitable online.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

World Oceans Day 2013

Help reduce Plastic Pollution

June 8th is World Oceans Day, the UN-designated day for the global community to celebrate and take action for our shared ocean. One of the greatest threats to the ocean is also one of the most insidious because chances are it’s so mundane you don’t even notice it. Look around you right now: how much plastic do you see?

The ocean is downstream from all of us so no matter where we live, so we can all help address the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. Each year a huge amount of plastic eventually makes it into coastal waters and harms ocean life. Many animals such as seabirds, sea turtles, dolphins, and whales die every year from plastic entanglement or starvation because they fill up their stomachs on plastic they mistake for food. Take action for World Oceans Day and prevent plastic from harming ocean wildlife!

Reduce plastic use . Help stop plastic pollution at its source! As consumers, we each have the power to reduce demand. And if you encourage family and friends to do the same, the more the more good we can do to keep the ocean clean and safe. Here are a few disposable plastic products everyone can reduce in our daily lives:

Plastic water bottles. Invest in a reusable water bottle, and filter water if necessary. Help the ocean and save money; it’s a win-win for you and the blue. On average, Americans now use 4 plastic water bottles a day—the highest ever recorded! Let’s turn the tide against wasteful plastic consumption.

Plastic bags. People use nearly 1 trillion plastic bags each year, and unfortunately, many of those end up ingested by sea turtles that mistake plastic for jellyfish. Remember to bring a reusable bag for food (including vegetables) and other shopping and save a life!

Straws, cups to-go, food containers, and utensils. Bring your own reusable products like mugs when you get coffee and take a pass on the plastic utensils when you get take-out food. And if you must have a straw, there a number affordable options!

Be aware of packaging. Pay attention to how much incidental plastic that comes with what you buy—your candy, headphones, pens, etc., all come in plastic packaging. Strive to cut down on your daily plastic consumption and reward corporations that package responsibly!
Act for World Oceans Day!

Hold a ‘Switch for the Sea’ contest! Ask friends and family to switch one of their disposable plastic habits for a sustainable, ocean-friendly one: such as bringing reusable food containers from home when eating out for your ‘doggie bag.’

Organize an aquatic clean-up! Head out to your nearest and dearest body of water with some friends and pick up all the trash you find. You’ll be surprised at how much of it is plastic.

Ban the bag in your town. Many communities around the world are banning plastic bags from being used at their stores. Learn how to start a campaign to stop plastic bags use in your town!

There are hundreds of events being held all over the world, find one near you and celebrate with a purpose this World Oceans Day!

You can also go the extra mile and organize an event yourself using ideas and free materials provided at!

This post comes to you courtesy of World Oceans

Australia: #ReefLive - Great Barrier Reef

World’s First 12 Hour Underwater LIVE Dive Broadcast:
A rare chance to explore the Great Barrier Reef like never before...

On Friday 7 June 2013 millions across the globe will have the unique opportunity to embark on a guided underwater tour of one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef – all from the comfort of your own home.


Dive Worldwide, Australia, ReefLive

The ReefLive event will amaze, delight and educate a global audience through an innovative live broadcast highlighting the importance and vibrancy of our oceans. The 12-hour interactive broadcast will be hosted by internationally acclaimed marine biologist and underwater cinematographer Richard Fitzpatrick (above), who will speak to the audience from underwater at one of his favourite dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

An initiative of Tourism and Events Queensland, ReefLive is being held in conjunction with World Oceans Day (8 June) and is an opportunity for those who love adventure, the ocean and nature to get a new perspective of the Great Barrier Reef and learn more about this unique ecosystem.

“The Queensland tourism industry is strongly united in its commitment to protect, preserve, nurture and manage this wonderful natural resource and to raise awareness of the Great Barrier Reef across the globe.”
Queensland Tourism Industry Council Chief Executive, Daniel Gschwind.

Dive Worldwide. ReefLive, Great Barrier Reef Australia

ReefLive will feature broadcasts from both the underwater reef studio with Richard Fitzpatrick, and a land studio via Google + Hangout. The ‘Hangouts’will be broadcast simultaneously on YouTube live via the Tourism and Events Queensland channel and the audience can also interact with the divers and the panel via Twitter using the #reeflive hashtag.

Tourism and Events Queensland are also giving Facebook users the opportunity to win a Great Barrier Reef Experience worth $10,000 AUD. Enter the 'Meet the Reef' competition by creating your ideal Great Barrier Reef experience.

“This is the first time that anyone has attempted a 12 hour live-broadcasted dive, and I am excited to show the world just a snapshot of what is below the water in Queensland, Australia.” Richard Fitzpatrick

WHEN: ReefLive will broadcast from 1am GMT to 1pm GMT on Friday 7 June 2013, and coincides with World Oceans Day on Saturday 8 June 2013.

WHERE: Online via YouTube. Watch #ReefLive here.

The eyes of the world will be on this incredible event. Enjoy the #ReefLive broadcast. If you like what you see, please contact a member of the Dive Dream Team to discuss your Queensland diving holiday options.

Call us on 0845 130 6980 or Email us by clicking here.